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Utilize an optical lab that's just a step away

At Valley Center for Vision, we have a complete optical service laboratory on the premises, which means you enjoy the benefits of no third party handling your prescriptions. You won't have to travel, or spend a lot to get your eyeglasses taken care of.

We exercise precision

How you see the world is very important, which is why we strive to get you the most accurate prescription.

Advanced lab equipment

Inside the optical lab of Valley Center for Vision, you'll find state-of-the-art equipment. Our lab uses the National Optronics Vista 1 Generator, which uses 3-axis curve control to closely control the curvatures cut with a diamond blade. This provides extreme precision.

Additional equipment

Our lab also has the National Optronics 6E Edger combined with 4T Tracer. This digitizes the 3D shape of the frame and cuts the lenses to a tolerance of 0.05 mm, which ensures that your lenses will fit perfectly. You won't find accuracy like this anywhere else.

We use only the most advanced
equipment available.

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